A list of Dick Smith’s documentaries

1980: James Randi: Water Divining (44 mins)

James Randi and Dick Smith test the claims of Australian water diviners.

Dick Smith – Executive Producer.

1980: Dick Smith: Explorer Series – The Early Years (51 mins)

Dick Smith and his family fly in his helicopter around Sydney, following in the footsteps of Captain Arthur Phillip.

Dick Smith – Producer/Presenter.

1980: Dick Smith: Explorer Series – In the Footsteps of Captain Charles Sturt (48 mins)

Dick Smith and his family fly in his helicopter, following in the footsteps of Captain Charles Sturt, from Broken Hill to the corner country.

Dick Smith Producer/Presenter.

1981: Coffee Royal Affair (46 mins)

Dick Smith and his family’s expedition to the Kimberley wilderness to locate Charles Kingsford Smith’s 1928 Coffee Royal site.

Dick Smith – Director/Producer/Presenter.

1981: The Search for the Mahogany Ship (46 mins)

Dick Smith’s search for the shipwrecked Mahogany Ship, thought to be located at Warrnambool.

Dick Smith – Director/Producer/Presenter.

1983: First Contact (58 mins)

The story of the Leahy brothers and the first contact with the local
people of New Guinea. Nominated for an Academy Award.

Dick Smith – Producer.

1982/3: Solo Around the World Stages 1, 2 & 3 (45 mins per stage)

Documentary. Dick Smith’s solo helicopter flight around the world, from Fort Worth USA, to London England.

Dick Smith – Director/Producer/Presenter.

1983: Cattle King (48 mins)

The story of Australian Pastoralist Sir Sidney Kidman.

Dick Smith – Executive Producer.

1985: Dick Smith’s Himalayan Adventure (43 mins)

The Smith family’s hiking trip in the Himalayas.

Dick Smith – Director/Producer/Presenter.

1986: The Secret Oasis (47 mins)

The first Australian Geographic expedition to Cooper Creek and Coongie Lakes.

Dick Smith – Executive Producer.

1986: Dick Smith’s China Adventure (47 mins)

The Smith family’s cycling tour of China.

Dick SmithProducer/Presenter.

1987: Solo to the North Pole (47 minutes)

Dick Smith’s first solo helicopter flight to the North Pole.

Dick Smith – Producer/Presenter.

1990: Everest: Sea to Summit (59 mins)

Following Tim Macartney-Snape and his climb from the ocean near Calcutta to the top of Mt Everest.

Dick Smith – Executive Producer.

1993: Great Aussie Balloon Race (46 mins)

Dick Smith’s record breaking balloon flight across Australia.

Dick Smith – Executive Producer.

2010: Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle (67 mins)

Dick Smith’s six month journey to explore how the rising population is changing Australia and the world.

Dick Smith – Producer/Presenter.

2013: Ten Bucks a Litre (58 mins)

The future of energy in Australia.

Dick Smith – Producer/Presenter.