Please see list below for all of Dick Smith’s adventure machines.

Airborne Edge Trike 2 stroke 32-3714

Airborne Edge Trike 4 stroke 32-4755

Augusta Helicopter A109E VH-DSE

Bell JetRanger Helicopter VH-DIK (changed to VH-DOJ)

Bell JetRanger Helicopter VH-DIK (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences)

Bell LongRanger Helicopter VH-DIK

Bell LongRanger Helicopter VH-MGJ

Beech Baron VH-MOS

Cessna 182 VH-JSY

Cessna Caravan 208B VH-SHW

Citabria VH-EEZ

Citabria VH-MIF

Citation CJ3 VH-MIF

EarthRoamer 4WD ETH 944

Paradise Inspiration AY94EQ

Piper Cheyenne III VH-NMA

Piper Twin Comanche VH-DIC

Rozière Balloon VH-DSE

Sikorsky S76 VH-SHW

Ulysses Blue Boat

Ulysses Blue with the Agusta on board

Westland Widgeon VH-UGI

Wheeler Scout