Dick’s adventures and expeditions – click on the links for more information.

2013: Solo circumnavigation of Papua New Guinea

2006 – 2008: Around the world in an EarthRoamer four-wheel drive

2006: Solo flight across the Tasman in a Cessna Caravan

2004: Dick sails to Lord Howe Island and Balls Pyramid

2000: First trans-Tasman hot air balloon crossing

1999 – 2000: Twice around the world in a Cessna Caravan

1996: Flight to Tahiti in a Cessna Citation

1994 – 1995: First East to West helicopter flight around the world

1994: Across Australia solar car record

1993: First trans-Australian hot air balloon crossing

1991: Flying expedition over Mount Everest

1991: Frontier Spirit sailing voyage to Antarctica

1990: Expedition to the Mount Everest Base Camp

1989: Expedition to find the Weapons Research Establishment Satellite (WRESAT Rocket)

1988 – 1989: First flight around the world, landing in both the North and South Poles

1988: First West to East crossing of Australia in a helicopter

1988: The North Magnetic Pole Skidoo snowmobile attempt

1987: World Solar Challenge driver

1987: Solo flight to the North Pole

1986: Attempted two flights to the North Pole

1985: Bourke to Burketown Bash

1985: Scuba diving on Bounty Wreck

1984: First trip around Australia by helicopter

1982 – 1983: Solo helicopter flight around world

1981: Dick’s search for the missing Mahogany Ship

1981: “Coffee Royal Affair” Expedition

1980: Antarctica Expedition with the Royal Australian Air Force

1980: Balls Pyramid Expedition II

1977 – 1978: Kookaburra Expedition in the Northern Territory

1977: First visit to Antarctica by air

1966: Climbing in the Swiss Alps

1966: Canyoning in Claustral Canyon and Kalang Falls (NSW)

1964: Balls Pyramid Expedition I