Great Aussie Balloon Race 1993 (46 mins)

One of Dick Smith’s favourite documentaries covering his record of the first balloon flight across Australia in 1993. (46 mins)

Dick’s Favourite Moment – “I can grab hold of my parachute if I’m falling off”  (3 mins)

Dick didn’t like sitting inside the balloon gondola, so built a sundeck and got a little deck chair where he could sit. With speeds of 88 knots and some 18,000 ft below, you can see he has no fear of heights.

Pip was concerned, flying around in the jet she told him to put his safety harness on, but he said “I’m not going to fall off.” He then stood on the sundeck to have a look down on a farm. Reaching 20,900 ft. Pip added “don’t go and get killed now!”.